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Featured Shop — Ikat Pillows

Add a tribal and exotic touch to any room with stylish ikat pillows. This trend is super hot right now and fits in well with both traditional and contemporary design schemes. Shop this style now.

novelty pillowsFeatured Shop — Novelty Pillows

What child wouldn't love a soft, cushy hamburger pizza or a pillow shaped like a doughnut, baseball or slice of pizza? Add a whimsical touch to a kid's bedroom or playroom for hours of fun. These pillows make great props for silly photos too! Find your perfect novelty pillow now.

Interesting Facts About Pillows
    ancient pillow
  • Some ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made out of stone.
  • The first known use of the word pillow was before 12th century.
  • Traditional Chinese pillows are often hard boxes made from stone, wood, metal, or porcelain instead of stuffed fabric.
  • In Tudor England, it was believed only women giving birth and weak men should use a pillow.
  • Sewing pillows became an art form, with highly decorated pillows becoming prized commodities first in China and Persia and later in Medieval Europe.
  • Pillows were originally used mainly by wealthy men in Asia.
  • Pillows were also found in Ancient Egyptian tombs.

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