Fans of Paul Teutul Sr and American Chopper

Paul Sr signing

Paul Sr with a bird friend

Paul Teutul Sr in black and white

Funny Quotes from Paul Teutul Sr

Paul Sr in a kilt"Come over here and stand in front of me so I can hit you in the back of the head."

Talking about Paulie, Mikey and Vinnie — "We've got Larry, Mo and Curly out there changing the tire."

"All right, numb nuts, we got bikes to build!"

"No one listens to my idears."

As Paul Sr. gives Cody the Old School chopper — "I think that the difference between that bike and this bike is that... this bike is yours."

Said about Paulie arriving late for work — "The President is here."

Said to Vinnie about Paulie — "Give me somethin' to throw at him! Give me a hammer!"

"What was, was, and what is is is, and this what is... is what's happening right now."

Said about Paulie — "If sh*t were electricity, he'd be a powerhouse."

Crazy Teutuls! Said to Mikey — "Next time you eat my cookies I'm gonna break your neck."

Said about Paulie — "He just better get to gettin'."

"I've been in the business a long time, and if there's one thing I know about building a motorcycle, it's that you have to have a motor."

"Suck it up, ya little wuss!"

"Pay attention, Numb nuts!"

"Next time I'll get Rick to fabricate the gas tank just for Ha Ha."

"If it wasn't for me nothin' would get done around here."

"Ever since we came back from Laconia, Paulie thinks he's something else with his new girlfriend, new car, and new freaking Gucci watch or whatever kind of watch that is!"

Paul Teutul Sr
"All I want is a little cooperation, that's all!"

Said about Paulie when Sr had a toothache — "I'm in pain and numbnuts over there is whistling 'Dixie'."


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