Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Bikes

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance commissioned two bikes by Paul Jr Designs. Both were unveiled in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on December 7, 2010. One was a stunning custom bike for the company with a unique see-through gas tank while the other was given away in a raffle. The lucky winner was insurance agent Bill Fuge of South Carolina. The bikes aired on American Chopper January 31st and February 7th, 2011. Another giveaway bike was built later but not aired on the show. A more recent bike built by Paul Jr Designs and the 4th for Universal Property and Casualty Insurance was unveiled in Florida on December 10, 2013. The lucky winner of the motorcycle was Pamela Trembly who works for Triple L Insurance. The PJD Black Widow car was also built in conjuction with Universal Property Insurance.

  • December 2013 giveaway bike
  • unveiling in Ft. Lauderdale
    Photo: www.brandofoto.com

  • great bike!

    awesome motorcycle for Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company

  • the awesome tank

    unique see-through tank

  • Florida unveiling
    Photo: www.brandofoto.com

  • Universal Property Insurance bike

    Paul Jr points out details

  • during fabrication

    during fabrication

  • Rachael on the bike

    Rachael on the bike

  • unique tank

    unique tank

  • giveaway bike

  • giveaway bike

  • tusk wheel shirt

    tusk wheel shirt

  • Vinnie rides up on the giveaway bike

    Vinnie on the giveaway bike

  • the lucky winner

    Winner of the giveaway bike, Bill Fuge, Kinghorn Insurance, Photo: www.brandofoto.com

  • giveaway bike

    another raffle bike

Raffle winner Bill Fuge
Best raffle EVER! | Watch on Discovery.com