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'31 Model A1. Chopped and Dropped Model A, Part I
(First aired August 18, 2014)
Aaron and Richard find themselves a 1931 Model A to chop! What begins as a simple build quickly grows into a grand green machine. With less than a month to build this chromed out 60's show car from the ground up, Richard's wild plan may be too much.

1931 Model A finished2. Chopped and Dropped Model A, Part II
(First aired August 25, 2014)
When Richard snaps back to his senses, he puts the monkeys back on track and they must finish the '31 Chopped Model A in ten days. It doesn't go without a lot of strife. Meanwhile, Richard and Dennis argue over a holy grail find of a 64 1/2 Mustang.

1968 Camaro SS before3. Super Sonic Camaro, Part I
(First aired September 1, 2014)
When Richard lands his biggest deal in Gas Monkey history, his crew struggles to hit Sonic Drive-In's deadline. Meanwhile, Christie and Richard spar over losing an auction bid. Tensions are high and it doesn't look like anyone's going to come out on top.

1968 SS Camaro finished4. Super Sonic Camaro, Part II
(First aired September 8, 2014)
The Monkeys go super big with their first corporate client Sonic Drive-In to build a promotional 68 Camaro SS convertible. But with only days left until delivery, Richard might miss out on a huge pay day, and tarnish his reputation.

1963 Ford Falcon5. Pikes Peak or Bust, Part I
(First aired September 15, 2014)
As Aaron prepares for the Pikes Peak International Race, he learns that his Falcon still has some work to be done. Then Aaron springs on Richard that they have 3 weeks to build a Pace Race Truck for Pikes Peak. Meanwhile, Richard lands a sweet '31 Model A.

Pikes Peak pace truck6. C10 Race Truck/Pike's Peak Pace Truck Part II
(First aired September 22, 2014)
Pikes Peak International Race is 3 days away and the C10 pace truck is nowhere near being complete. Aaron struggles to keep the Falcon damage free as he approaches the race of his life. Richard also finds some old employees stepping into his territory.

1966 Volkswagen Microvan7. The Shorty Short VW Bus
(First aired October 13, 2014)
When Richard buys a VW Microbus no one really knows the mechanics of this German car. Later, Richard and Aaron discover that the Fired Up garage is attending a demolition derby and Richard has a trick up his sleeve to send his former employees reeling.

1965 Chevy Impala8. One Cool Impala
(First aired October 20, 2014)
When Richard buys a '65 Chevy Impala, they put their Gas Monkey spin on it. Richard and Aaron score a '34 Five Window Ford. And later, Richard agrees to cool off the monkeys with new air conditioning, but the Fired Up crew gets hot and bothered about it.

Chevy C10 short bed truck photo by Alan Peppard9. Big, Bad C-10 Build
(First airs October 27, 2014)
Richard and Aaron build their coolest hot rod, a 1976 Chevy C-10 short bed show truck to be auctioned at the Cattle Baron's Ball. Plus, Richard misses out on a Firebird thanks to Thomas Weeks, and a 65 Cadillac is on the lot for one of Richard's buyers.

10. Big, Bad C-10 Build, Part II
(First airs November 3, 2014)
The plan to build Gas Monkey's coolest show truck continues as Richard hopes to deliver a 1976 Chevy C-10 to the Cattle Baron's Ball. Meanwhile, Richard tries to flip a '66 Continental and a '51 Caddy. Also, Richard stops by Fired Up to check on the rent.

9/2/13 to 12/9/13
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Dale Jr's Nomad1. Dale Jr.'s Sick Nomad – SEASON PREMIERE
(First aired September 2, 2013
The Gas Monkey crew build NASCAR royalty Dale Earnhardt Jr a 1956 Chevy Nomad. While Richard and Aaron travel to Dale Jr's Carolina home with the Nomad, the crew finds ways to cool off in the Texas heat. Also, is a pumpkin Pantera a lemon?

1932 Ford Cabriolet2. Chopped Cabriolet and 'Vette Rescue
(First aired September 9, 2013)
The crew help a widow by buying her husband's Ford '32 Cabriolet and many hot rod projects; they rescue an heirloom '62 Corvette from a garage falling down around it, but not all the family is pleased Richard has it. Richard makes a big announcement.

1955 Ford Customline3. Cool Customline
(First aired September 16, 2013)
KC's beloved but brokendown '55 Ford Customline gets new life, but can Richard flip it to Shark Tank's Mark Cuban? George Foreman takes off with Richard's prize Mustang while Richard and Dennis haggle with a WW2 vet over a 38 Aston Martin and some Nashes.

Extra - Fast N' Football
(First aired September 23, 2013)
A football-theme party customized with added facts and exclusive content - grab a seat on the couch next to Richard, Aaron, and the rest of the Gas Monkey crew as they host a countdown of their favorite builds, biggest busts, and smokiest burnouts!

Season 5, Episode 1 4. Killer COPO Camaro
(First aired October 14, 2013)
Richard gets his hands dirty building a $100K 2013 COPO Camaro from the wheels up on the VIP assembly line. Aaron ignores his request to work on a newly arrived 1930 Model A. Instead, Aaron builds his own dream vehicle while the Monkeys tackle the A.

1968 Cadillac Coupe de Ville5. Caddy Rust Bucket/Bel-Air Beauty Part 1
(First aired October 21, 2013)
Richard buys a nest of cars including a '68 Cadillac Coupe de Ville that is so rusted out that Aaron and the guys want to mutiny, but not until they have a little fun with it first. Can Richard and Dennis save a piece of racing history from the crusher?

1960 Chevy Bel Air6. Caddy Rust Bucket/Bel-Air Beauty Part 2
(First aired October 28, 2013)
Rust-ridden Caddy dumped, Richard gambles that the GMG crew can recoup his losses with a '60 Bel Air. Christie talks money -- first with a dad who wants to punk his teenage son with a Yugo and then with Richard trying to convince him to hire his sister.

Red Bull Flugtag event 7. Flugtag Flyer/Wicked Wayfarer
(First aired November 4, 2013)
GMG takes wing! Aaron builds a flying machine for the Red Bull Flugtag event and the team launches him off a 30ft pier. But will the Gas Monkey Flying Circus take off or take a nose dive? Meanwhile, the crew brings a rare 1950 Dodge Wayfarer back to life.

Chevrolet Kingswood8. '71 Cool Kingswood/Retro Replicar
(First aired November 11, 2013)
Aaron and crew turn an ugly duckling '71 Chevy Kingwood station wagon into the cool, 70s hot rod dragster it was meant to be. Richard pries an '80 MG Replicar from a husband reluctant to part with it. The Grill books its first celebrity musical act.

amphibicar 9. Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto, Part 1
(First aired November 18, 2013)
The crew takes on a '68 Shelby Mustang that looks sweet but what's it hiding? Richard flips his lid when Tom and Jordan buy two junker cars from two tourists. Richard and KC travel to a secret lair to make a deal on a Lotus Cortina and an amphicar.

1966 Lotus Cortina10. Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto - Part 2
(First aired November 25, 2013)
Engine issues plague the '68 Shelby. Richard flips the rare '66 Lotus Cortina and floating Amphicar for some fast cash. A classic Ford Falcon arrives at the garage -- and selling it would be icing on the cake.

with Burt Reynolds 11. Smokey & The Bandit Special - Part 1
(First aired December 2, 2013)
Richard is hired by a wheeler-dealer friend to build a "Smokey & The Bandit" '77 Trans Am. He and Aaron have six days to build and get the car to New Orleans in time for the buyer to race in a rally. Some original Bandit stars help sweeten the deal.

12. Gas Monkey Bandit Car - Part 2
1977 Trans Am(First aired December 9, 2013)
Richard and Aaron reach Burt Reynolds and win their wager, but that success may mean ultimate failure when the team doesn't get the '77 Trans Am on a transporter in time. Solution: they'll race it down to the New Orleans starting line themselves.

13. Fast N' LIVE: Uncensored
(First aired January 13, 2014)
Join the Gas Monkey crew for footage you weren't supposed to see as well as some of their favorite moments. Watch throughout the night as we go live to the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill for more hijinx and to announce the winner of the Bandit Trans Am!

Rolls Royce14. Troll's Choice Rolls-Royce
(First aired January 27, 2014)
When Richard "accidentally" buys $92K worth of cars at an auction, his bookkeeper sister insists he flip all five cars in one week. Some go more easily and profitably than others but it's a weirdly built Rolls Royce that even Aaron has a hard time fixing.

1963 Ford Falcon15. Aaron's Falcon Racecar
(First aired March 17, 2014)
Aaron falls in love with and buys a famous '63 Ford Falcon race car off Richard, but will the original owner be impressed by Aaron's Gas Monkey style? While Aaron's tied up in his passion project, Richard flips a 1919 Nash and an unusually painted truck.

1972 Ford Mustang Fastback16. Mustang Mania
(First aired March 24, 2014)
Aaron chances the wrath of the Big Monkey when he overrides Richard's instructions on a Mustang Fastback. After picking up a "Holy Grail" Boss 429 Mustang in Minnesota, Richard questions Dennis's decision to buy a rustbucket Jaguar E-Class buried in snow.

2006 Jeep17. Jacked-Up Jeep
(First aired March 31, 2014)
Aaron and the Gas Monkey crew overhaul a Jeep in 24 hours to surprise a friend. Richard flips a funky gull-winged Bricklin. Daphne convinces a reluctant Richard to hire his nephew. Dennis and Richard argue over how best to sell their COPO Camaros.

18. Fleetline Superflip Frenzy
(First aired April 7, 2014)
It's a Gas Monkey Fire Sale when Richard quick flips a menagerie of cars to make enough cash to buy back the first car he and Aaron built together 10 years ago. Richard and Dennis literally roll the dice on a 57 Chevy back in snowy Minnesota.

19. Demolition Theater
(First aired April 14, 2014)
Richard and Aaron cringe along with you while watching some seriously epic fails--from hapless drivers unable to control their vehicles to a hotrodder who catches his engine and self on fire. Richard even has his own cringe-worthy moment in a stunt plane.

20. Holy Grail Firebirds - Part 1
(First aired April 21, 2014)
Richard makes a risky deal to restore the first two Firebirds ever made from rusted and rough to museum quality. The buyer offers a handsome deal, but it comes with a crushing deadline and a 10K/day penalty for every day he's late. Aaron learns to race.

21. Holy Grail Firebirds - Part 2
(First aired April 28, 2014)
With a 10K-a-day penalty looming, Richard can't afford to lose any more time on the two Firebirds' concourse restoration, but by the end of the project, the garage will be short two Monkeys. Richard flips a '49 Mercury that comes complete with passenger.

22. Top 50 Moments
(First aired May 5, 2014)
Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Richard, Aaron, and the Gas Monkey crew as they count down their Top 50 clips. From weird cars and wild stunts, tough builds and celebrity guests -- what clip will be #1?

23. Fast Moving F100 (Season Finale)
(First airs May 12, 2014)
Aaron's not impressed by the '72 Ford Pantera Richard picks up, but he and the Monkeys have fun bringing a Ford F100 truck back to life. Then, they head to Tennessee to try to buy back two pieces of Gas Monkey history: a ratrod and a panhead motorcycle.


6/10/13 to 7/29/13
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1958 Corvette 1. Ferrari Fix Part 1/Dead Head Bus – SEASON PREMIERE
(First aired June 10, 2013)
Invested over their heads in a wrecked Ferrari F-40 Richard, Aaron and the crew embark on the riskiest -- and most expensive -- build in Gas Monkey history. To recoup costs they flip a '58 Corvette C1 and a time capsule Dead Head tour bus.

(Story of Gas Monkey purchasing Roger Haudenschild's 2 Corvettes)

1917 REO2. Ferrari Fix Part 2/1917 REO
(First aired June 17, 2013)
The crew pushes to finish the Ferrari F40 and get it sold. Costs rise when the $8000 windshield gets broken. Richard's luck turns when the 1967 Porsche 911S he buys turns out to be something better! Tom better get crankin' on a 1917 REO or he'll be fired.

1959 Bonneville3. No Bull Bonneville
(First aired June 24, 2013)
Once again, Richard and Aaron stall the crazy, roadtripping Aussies with Texas hospitality while the crew races to finish a 59 Bonneville they were given only 72 hrs to fix up. To get some more cash for the job, Richard picks up two mini cars from a nest.

1964 Dodge Sweptline4. Dodge Hodge Podge, Part 1
(First aired July 1, 2013)
Richard and Aaron pick up a '64 Dodge Sweptline that's a mishmash of parts. A '32 Ford Roadster Richard forgot he bought rolls in, but it's up to Christie to seal the deal with the prospective buyer. KC hits the road with Richard to buy a '65 Mustang.

5. Dodge Hodge Podge Part 2/Oldsmobile Delta 88
(First aired July 8, 2013)
The crew struggles to finish the frankensteined 64 Dodge truck. Richard flips a 52 Chevy. He digs out an Oldsmobile Delta 88 he forgot he bought but it's also not quite what he remembered. Broke brakes leave a dent in the garage door and Richard's wallet.

Twin Peaks Denver bikini contest6. Ford Galaxie - Part 1/Bikini Contest
(First aired July 15, 2013)
Richard's roadtripping: First to Roswell to pick up a 67 Ford Galaxie to restore. In LA he picks a 32 Plymouth to flip, but it's a rare 51 Nash Healey he holds for the right time. He and Aaron judge a bikini contest in Denver but will Aaron come back?

7. Ford Galaxie- Part 2/Nash Healey
(First aired July 22, 2013)
With Aaron temporarily MIA, the crew works on the Ford Galaxie. Richard and Tom roadtrip to auction with Evel Knievel's Messerschmitt. Richard tempts Dennis with a rare Nash Healey. The shop gets crank calls from a guy claiming to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.

8. Beards, Builds and Beers – SEASON FINALE
(First aired July 29, 2013)
Richard, Aaron, Sue and the Gas Monkey crew celebrate the end of the season by sharing their favorite moments, responding to viewer mail, and giving a special peek into what REALLY goes on in the garage when the Big Monkey isn't watching.


2/13/13 to 4/1/13
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1. Mashed Up Mustang – SEASON PREMIERE
(First aired February 18, 2013)
Richard trades his friend a '58 Impala for a '67 Mustang. He flips a smoking (literally)'72 Pontiac Formula 400, but will it make up for his most embarrassing purchase yet? Aaron and the crew rush to the scene of a Gas Monkey accident.

2. Bad Ass Bronco Part 1
(First aired February 25, 2013)
Richard and Aaron take on the ultimate 4x4 hot rod: a '76 Bronco. Unfortunately, runaway rust issues make this project budget-buster. Needing cash fast, Richard hits the road in search of some quick flips, including a Pontiac, Chieftain, and '40 sedan.

Gas Monkey Garage Bronco3. Bad Ass Bronco Part 2
(First aired March 4, 2013)
With the Bronco over-budget and past deadline, Richard's patience (and wallet) are severely tested. He sells a '36 Ford three-window then considers a dare to sell his beloved Shelby Mustang. Sue is not amused with Gas Monkey's birthday gift to her.

4. Far-Out Fairlane
(First aired March 11, 2013)
Richard and Aaron resurrect two cars bought from a local charity: a '59 Fairlaine 500 Galaxie and a 1954 Bel Air. Richard is concerned for his safety at a Model A boneyard, but it's having to reject one of Sue's jobs that has him and Aaron most concerned.

5. Stung By a '67 Corvette Stingray
(First aired March 18, 2013)
A side trip to Vegas nets Richard and Aaron casino winnings and Evel Knievel's Messerschmitt microcar. Later Richard buys a 73 Dodge Challenger and the Holy Grail of Corvettes: a '67 Stingray in hopes of a 6-figure sale, but Aaron is not all.

6. Trials of a T-Bird
(First aired March 25, 2013)
Richard and Aaron bring a hot '58 Corvette home to the new Gas Monkey World Headquarters. Christie takes a gamble, buying a '65 TBird while Richard is away. Model Alloy Ash fires up her welding torch to prove to Aaron she's more than just a pretty face.

7. Ferocious Ford and Fast Ferrari
(First aired April 1, 2013)
The Gas Monkey crew turn a rat-infested '38 Ford into a cool hot rod. Richard buys football player Emmitt Smith's Mercedes, which comes with a surprise. Is new female welder Alloy up for the GMG challenge? Richard gambles $400K on a banged up Ferrari F-40.


6/6/12 to 10/8/12
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1931 Model A1. Model A Madness – SERIES PREMIERE
(First aired June 6, 2012)
Richard and Aaron find the hot rod of their dreams: a rust-free 1931 Model A. As renovation costs pile up, Richard looks to make some fast cash with a couple of quick flips, including the "Drive Angry" Riviera and a Chevy 210.

2. Awesome Aussies and Olds
(First aired June 13, 2012)
Richard and Aaron find a '55 Chevy Bel Air as well as a 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe Rocket 88, which had been perfectly preserved in a garage for over 50 years. They have 48 hours to fix up a broken-down '73 Caddy convertible for two Aussies hitting Route 66.

3. Monkey Business Dragster
(First aired June 20, 2012)
Richard and Aaron stumble upon a diamond in the rough: a 1960s Gasser that Richard wants to race. They buy a gleaming '32 Pontiac at a swap meet. And is a friend's 1960 Cadillac Sedan De Ville haunted and cursing the garage?

4. Double Trouble Galaxie
(First aired June 27, 2012)
Richard and Aaron scramble to get a replacement '64 Galaxie ready for auction after the first one they find turns out to be in much rougher shape than expected. They have to get creative to get a stuck 1949 F-1 Ford off the back of a large car hauler.

5. Low Riding Lincoln
(First aired July 11, 2012)
Richard and Aaron turn the granddaddy of big cars, a 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III, into a muscle car and bring a '68 Ford pickup back to life. Richard scoops up a 1970s style hot rod kit car with a mysterious past.

Gas Monkey Garage Frankensteined Ford6. Frankensteined Ford
(First aired July 18, 2012)
The Gas Monkey guys "frankenstein" together a '68 Ford F-100 truck by blending together two vehicles that shouldn't go together. Richard relives his youth with a '77 Trans Am Firebird. He flips a '67 Caddy convertible to an international buyer.

7. Amazing Impala
(First aired September 3, 2012)
Richard, Aaron and the Gas Monkey crew unbury a '64 Impala buried in 10 years of debris and bring it back to life. A 1951 Bruco Fire Truck sparks former firefighter Richard's fancy as does a 1955 Caddy Coupe de Ville nicknamed Dolly.

8. Ramshackle Rambler
(First aired September 10, 2012)
The Gas Monkey crew revives a rust-and-rat filled 59 Rambler to make it SoCal surf-worthy once again. Richard haggles for a 31 Model A. His new Willys Coupe Gasser could be worth $200K if Richard can prove its connection to a legendary drag racing team.

9. '48 Chevy Fleetmaster
(First aired September 17, 2012)
Richard, Aaron, and the Gas Monkey crew try to "knock the ugly outta" a '48 Chevy Fleetmaster. Richard makes a profit but still gets schooled on a '74 Corvette. It's a tough Oklahoma crowd at the auction for their Chevy and "Scarface"-worthy '63 Caddy.

10. One of a Kind Woodill
(First aired September 24, 2012)
The Gas Monkey crew have to handle a rare, fragile and flammable fiberglass-bodied Woodhill Wildfire with kid gloves if they're going to make a six-figure sale. The boys take in a Harley and then blow off steam by entering Richard in the Demolition Derby.

Gas Monkey Garage drift car11. Fast & Furious Fairmount
(First aired October 1, 2012)
Richard stretches Gas Monkey's style and Aaron's skills by making an "ugly" 1978 Ford Fairmont into a cool, mirrored drift car. Richard flips a rare 1967 Corvette Stingrays complete with tank sticker and bets his driving skills to sell the shop truck.

12. Holy Grail Hot Rod
(First aired October 8, 2012)
Richard and Aaron pick up a very rare 32 Ford 3-window, but buying it is about all they can agree upon. They can't agree on how to freshen up a 1964 Econoline van for their "Swag Wagon" either. But they can agree a gifted 1989 Shelby pickup has got to go!

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